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Trusting the Lord YHWH

Trusting God through the trials and tribulations of Life is never easy and there are times when it seems like it’s the hardest thing you could possibly do, I truly understand this because I have been here.  When I became ill in 2008 it was like my world flipped upside down, I went from being a person who could do almost anything for and by myself (and prided myself on this) to someone whose body and mind seemed to be ganging up against them!  At the age of 28 I was wishing and praying for death, but this all changed when I truly submitted my life to YHWH God and began to trusting God.  I want to share a part of my testimony with you:

When I look back through my journal entries I can see a big difference between the lack of faith that I had at the beginning of my healing journey and the trusting faith that I have developed over time.  I can clearly see that my journal entries were full of one stressor or another, pressure from my family, work, my relationship and even pressure from myself and I realise that I was like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.  My inability to trust God only meant that I carried all the weight of my burdens on my frail and already stooping shoulders.  I am sure along the way that I was told to stop and slow down by many caring people, I was no novice to the doctor’s waiting room or the counsellor’s chair, and my body often screamed at me in various ways to take things easy but I was too blind or too conceited to think that something would happen that “all mighty I” couldn’t deal with.  I was practically begging for a wakeup call and God gave it to me with icing on the cake!


How would things have been different if I had possessed a more  intimate relationship with YHWH that enabled me to trust, lean and rely on Him more fully?  How would I have felt if I had known what I do now, that He really does care for me, wants to carry my burdens and has plans for my good?  Yes, I would have still faced some of those same problems but others would have not occurred because the way I would have handled the situation would have been different because what I knew to be true would have been different.  Many if not most of the stressors we face and the stress we experience is down to the fact that we do not trust in God as we should, this causes us to act in ways which are contrary to His word and

Divine will for us leading us into a bigger state of worry and stress.

The above is an extract from my book, you can continue reading it here (read further extracts here).

The above snippet emphasies the drastic impact that trusting God can have on your life because it alone has the power to change how you respond and react to yourself, the world and your life.  Although trusting God can be extremely difficult at times, He never leaves us to struggle alone.  If you are sincere in your desire to turn towards YHWH His Word promises that He will turn towards you, and truly trusting God is as simple as that.  Just say “God help me to trust You” from a sincere heart and He will move what seems to be the unmovable mountain of doubt and fear (James 4:8).

Trusting God requires us to develop our knowings of Him, I have compiled a selection of resources that will help you develop  greater spiritual intimacy and knowledge of YHWH which is crucial in building and sustaining your trust in God.

Step 1: Ask God to help you trust Him, simply say “God help me to trust You” and He will do the rest.

Step 2: Find out what it really means to trust God – READ these articles on TRUSTING GOD.

Step 3: Purchase one of the following resources to help you build your trust and knowings of God.

The Secret Place: Ten Reflective Meditations to build Trust in God & reduce Anxiety (Florence Ukpabi) PB

The Secret Place: Ten Reflective Meditations to build Trust in God & reduce Anxiety (Florence Ukpabi) PB A collection of ten reflective meditational studies based on psalm 91, these studies have been especially developed to combat stress, reduce fear-induced anxiety whilst building trusting faith in God and His Word. Each study started off as notes in my journal after being led to personally meditate on Psalm 91 due to high levels of fear and doubt. I found that I could use the meditations to help me reflect on my relationship with God and His relationship with me and as such I was able to develop a greater level of trust and faith in Him and His plans for my life. Each study consists of a meditation, reflection and prayer. The meditations encourage a deeper level of healing and spiritual growth which is then developed through guided personal reflection followed by a time of prayer. Each study provides you with space to write down your thoughts and impressions as you journey through this healing psalm. And best of all, there is no limit to how often you can take this journey.


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Thank you for the copies of your book. I began reading the first chapter last night and it was so good I read onto the second chapter. My husband is away on business and normally I don’t sleep as well when he is away, but last night I fell asleep quickly and remained asleep all night!
Stephanie Reck

Beckoned by the King (Jeannie Pallet) Paperback

Beckoned by the King (Jeannie Pallet) Paperback Beckoned by the King is written for the person who longs to enter a deeper, heart to heart relationship with the King of Glory.

A Bible study based on Psalm 119, the truths revealed, and the ones you uncover in this book will apply to every area of your life and walk with God. I know your life will be changed as you assign time to do the study. Mine certainly has!


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This Beloved Road: A Journey of Revelation and Worship (Amy Layne Litzelman) PB

This Beloved Road: A Journey of Revelation and Worship (Amy Layne Litzelman) PB If you think you know everything there is to know about the character of God, his love, and his promises, think again. In her highly original and illustrative vignettes, you'll unwrap the mysteries and complexities of a God who longs for a relationship with you. See what awaits as you travel with God down This Beloved Road.

This collection from Amy Layne Litzelman brings yet another drink of fresh water from a well that never runs dry. Your faith will be strengthened as you journey along This Beloved Road.


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This is a wonderful devotional, expressing a young woman's love of The Father. Highly practical, readable, and most importantly, scriptural. Amy has a gift of sharing her heart for Lord through her day to day experiences and thoughts. This is a book to savor; one you will read and re-read. At times it is as if she is sitting in the room expressing her understanding of my own experiences, joys, sorrows, wonders...and touching my heart with through the Spirit with her words.

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