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Behind the Word Shalom: The Three S’s of Shalom

outpouring shalomEven though I am in danger of sounding like a broken record, I love the word shalom.  The main reason is because YHWH gave me a revelation and healing vision surrounding this word which I am fully embracing.  Not only is shalom a beautiful-sounding word but it is also an awesome blessing, that’s why I use it a lot on my blog and when greeting and saying goodbye to other people.  I want them to experience shalom in their lives.  Nevertheless, some people have asked me why I use the word shalom, the thinking behind this is that it’s a Jewish/Hebrew word and this frightens many Christians.

Just so that you know, I am not trying to Judaize anyone or God forbid mutter a curse, so this post is to illustrate as best I can what I have discovered shalom to mean. Continue reading

Behaviour Modification God’s Way (Book extract 28)

Like I did, you may try numerous things, I did this for many years until finally (really because of no choice of my own) I came to God and begged Him to make me different, to heal me and to change me.

I was in no way prepared for what happened next. I had not heard about it from my acquaintances, I had not read about it in self-help books, nor had I been informed by other Believers who had gone through the experience so was very much alone in what happened next, that is God listened to my prayer and He answered me. Well, what’s so wrong with God answering my prayer? Nothing, except he didn’t answer my prayer in the way that I would have wanted Him to, I was not instantly healed. But, when I look back I can see that he had been answering my prayer all along. How? He began to re-teach me and deconstruct me, I was taken on a journey of unlearning the things I thought I knew about who I was, life and who He was.  I was taken on a journey of spirit-led behaviour modification and to be totally honest I wasn’t prepared for the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual upheaval that it would cause. Continue reading

journaling to help you grow

The Pride of Yesterday (Journalling for Healing and Growth)

journaling to help you growDo you keep a diary (journal)?

I do, and it’s amazing what you can learn (re-learn) from its pages when you go back through it.

If you have ever thought that you are not such a bad person, then join the club -  this post is for you.

We can all be blindly proud and arrogant at times.

I see this more clearly reading over the pages of my journal.

It’s amazing how we can see ourselves being right or good in our own eyes yet be so oblivious to it without the benefit of hindsight, looking back at who you have been can be painful and ugly, but it’s necessary to move forwards. Continue reading

gratitude for health

A Different Perspective on Pain and Discomfort

Nobody likes to be in pain or discomfort. In fact I have read that when we are in pain we either safeguard that area or we act as if nothing is wrong.

Our relationship with pain and discomfort means that most of the time we are looking for ways to get rid of it, not surprising really.

But I think we can find some blessings in pain and discomfort if we looked at it from a different perspective. Continue reading


When Fear won’t seem to leave you alone – Remember

It would be foolish of me to say to you that the world never throws things at us which can make us afraid – that would be a lie.

There are definitely situations we will face which will cause us to feel afraid.  Is this natural?  Yes, because it’s human, fear is a natural response to threat and stress.

But even in the midst of our fears, worries and anxieties God promises us relief right?

Yes, He does.

But the problem is that we may not always be able to access that relief. Continue reading

can god heal through diet?

God, Faith and the Autoimmune Diet

Can God heal through diet?

Am I being serious?  Yes, because this is a very serious question and many questions like this cross the mind of Believers struggling with an illness every day.


Because of their health and healing beliefs.  Or put differently, because of what they believe about God and healing. Continue reading

mindful meditation in the Bible King Solomon

Can Mindful Meditation ever be Biblical?

The short and quick answer is yes and no.  It really depends on what you mean by mindful meditation.

By mindful meditation are you referring to the ancient practices long associated with Buddhism now made very popular by xyz or do you mean ancient practices found in the Bible and most often looked over?  

Hmmm, have I sparked your curiousity yet?

There are some wonderful examples of and references to mindful meditation found in the Bible but before I delve in to a couple of them let me paint you a picture using my own experiences.

My Mindful Journey

A few years back, around 2011 God began to speak to me about being more mindful, but He didn’t use that word as it wasn’t in my vocabulary.  The words which He did use were that I should learn to be more ‘present and aware’.  You might be screwing your eyebrows together right now so I’ll explain.  To be present means to BE in the moment, it simply means to exist/be right here and now instead of somehwere in the distant or not too distant future worrying about what’s around the corner or full of thoughts and regrets of the past.  To be aware simply means to be conscious and alive to the experiences of the present moment.

Mindful Meditation in the Bible

To be present and aware simply means to live in each moment.

Continue reading

moving beyond fear

How to Own your Personal Healing Beliefs

If there is one thing that causes the rise and fall of many in the Body of Messiah (BoM) it is the teachings and views surrounding health and healing. Most people have an opinion on healing, and it is mostly those with the loudest voice, the most forceful words and the heaviest pockets which are heard.

But, regardless of what other people say, think or believe about healing whether in the BoM or secular scoiety, it is important that you own your own healing beliefs.  This means two things: Continue reading

What your Body is saying: Learning your Body’s Health Language

We’ve all heard about body language, but our understanding of it relates to how we use our body to communicate with other people.

But there is another type of body language which is very important, probably more important than the slight manipulation involved in our general use of body language.

Our Body’s health language. Continue reading

Hungry for life (Bread of Life)

Are you Hungry for Healing or Hungry for Life?

We all know how unpleasant it is to be hungry, right?

feeling hungryHave you ever been so hungry only to eat and still feel hungry?  Well that’s how I kinda felt writing this (find out why here). When we are really hungry the feeling is so unpleasant that we are driven to find ways to fill that need, this is what I want to talk about today. Continue reading

Abounding Grace

Accessing the Abounding Grace of YHWH God during times of Lack

You’ve heard the words many times before.

Abounding Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.

But probably never thought about how much they applied to you.

But they do.

Why am I writing about Grace?  Well, Grace gave me/us a new home after 2+ years of living in a cramped attic room where my husband had to stoop to move round it, it was that low.  I know it was Grace because I dreamt it first, Grace was with me and she gave us a new home. Last week we moved in.  I have never appreciated the grace of God as I do now and I have so much to be thankful for not least our new home. Continue reading