knowing the truth of God

The Importance of knowing the Truth About God (Learning to Trust God – part 3)

  Introduction This is the 3rd post in the series on ‘Learning to Trust God’, in the first post I looked at how having a faulty God schema can influence our ability to trust God, last week I looked at 3 steps I personally took towards growing my trusting faith in YHWH God.  Last week […]

Working for God: Learning to tackle the stress of Ministry Work

Last year I went through a stage of writing about Christians in ministry and business; I realised that one of the major stressors that Believers face is in the area of using their gifting for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.   The reason why this should be is both vast and complex, but in essence it […]

Mark 5: 34 Faith made whole

Book Extract 6: The Faith and Health Connection

Is there a connection between faith and health? This week’s extract explores the influence of faith and trust in our health and healing.

Research has shown that the framework of our mind and thought patterns has a huge impact on our behaviour and physiological responses. If I go back to the example of stress and its definition, the way we respond to stress hugely depends on our thought patterns. People who have negative thought patterns are more likely to perceive an event as a stressor (stress-inducing stimulus) than those who do not. The NHS and private sector understand this mind-body connection and so spend hundreds of thousands of pounds training Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) practitioners to help unlearn dysfunctional thinking patterns.