Does God still Heal Today?

Today I asked God to heal me.  It’s always an unspoken prayer, but today it was a heart cry.  Having an illness isn’t fun, it’s tiring, disheartening and the obvious painful and uncomfortable.  There are things I want to do like run, I have this deep desire to run and feel energetic and alive without […]

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Does Spiritual Stress really exist? (Book Extract 24)

We hear a  lot about different types of stress but rarely about spiritual stress, why should this be the case? Maybe because spiritual stress doesn’t exist? Maybe it does but not many people know about it or understand it? Maybe it could be that it’s not considered as real or valuable as understanding other more […]

Does pure altruism exist?

There is a part within psychology which is known as ‘issues and debates’, one of these issues/debates concerns the topic of human altruism ie. selfless helping behaviour.  The issue goes something like this, are human beings capable of true altruism or are they intrinsically selfish? I first came across this question studying A level psychology […]