The Cost of Freedom

The Disease to Please: Understanding its Root and Breaking its Hold!

I probably wouldn’t have said that people pleasing was one of my problems until God led me to begin seeing myself and some of the obstacles and barriers that had been holding me back through His eyes.  This year I have been particularly challenged in the area of relationships.  You see you can’t escape or […]

Entering into the Wilderness (Book extract 17)

Sometimes it might seem like Mitzrayim isn’t such a bad place to be in, but the Bible clearly tells us that Elohim heard the cries of His people there because of their servitude.  And He hears the cry of every man, woman and child still a slave to Mitzrayim today.  YHWH never forces us to […]

Why God?

Book Extract 9: Why won’t God heal me?

Another diary entry (God, why won’t you heal me?)   I feel so tight, claustrophobic and You seem so far away like my cries and my pains are nothing to You.  I tell you that I am desperate, that I can no longer bear and I asked myself is this the reason for my existence?  […]

transforming negative imprinting - Page 001

Transforming Negative Imprints into a Garland of Beauty

This week, I’m really excited to host a guest post from a dear sister in faith.  Amy Hagerup is a tremendous encourager and her blog posts have been a consistent blessing to me, I pray that this blog post will also minister to someone and move them onwards in their healing journey today! ******************************* Imprinting […]