The Cost of Freedom

The Disease to Please: Understanding its Root and Breaking its Hold!

I probably wouldn’t have said that people pleasing was one of my problems until God led me to begin seeing myself and some of the obstacles and barriers that had been holding me back through His eyes.  This year I have been particularly challenged in the area of relationships.  You see you can’t escape or […]

Depressed man

9 ways to fight back against depression

We all feel blue at times, it would be impossible not to living in a fallen world but there are many people who are walking wounded through their days and this truly breaks my heart.  When I was 18 I was diagnosed with depression, it didn’t start at that age it was actually classified as […]

life more abundantly

What does the bible mean by Life more abundantly?

Have you ever wondered what the Messiah meant when He spoke of life more abundantly as documented in John 10:10?  Did he really mean ‘prosperity’ or ‘health and wealth’ or is abundance of life something more amazing than that we have been commonly led to believe?