knowing the truth of God

The Importance of knowing the Truth About God (Learning to Trust God – part 3)

  Introduction This is the 3rd post in the series on ‘Learning to Trust God’, in the first post I looked at how having a faulty God schema can influence our ability to trust God, last week I looked at 3 steps I personally took towards growing my trusting faith in YHWH God.  Last week […]

Agape love is Divine love, the better way.

I’m not His (Book Extract 11)

It seems that once we have ascertained that God does in fact exist the next logical thought is that somehow we believe that this must mean that we don’t belong to Him, and this is a really scary place to be in.  Whether we feel that we are a mistake, too much of a sinner […]

God is Love… isn’t He? (Book Extract 10)

When I first set up the self-help group I opened it up to non-Believers as well and a young man from a Pagan belief system signed up and although this scared me as I didn’t want to have to deal with the occult it made me think that not everyone who attended would even believe […]

tree by the rivers of water

Book Extract 7: A Place of Healing

When I look back through my journal entries I can see a big difference between the lack of faith that I had at the beginning of my healing journey and the trusting faith that I have developed over time.  I can clearly see that my journal entries were full of one stressor or another, pressure […]