Sar Shalom: Breakthrough from the Land of Israel CD

Sar Shalom: Breakthrough from the Land of Israel CD Karen Davis, and her husband, David, are Congregational leaders at 'Kehilat HaCarmel', in Israel, located on the top of Mount Carmel in the Galilee region of Israel. Sar Shalom is an Old Testament Hebrew name for God that means 'Prince of Peace". This inspirational recording features traditional instrumentation and lyrics in Hebrew and English.


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I have many Messianic albums, but this is one of my favorites. The music that comes from believers in Israel has a special touch from God on its content as well as on the singers. When I am wishing I could return to Israel, I play this CD, and I'm immediately transported by song to the land I love so much -- Israel. Karen's album, "Sar Shalom" (Prince of Peace) truly shares the peace that passes all understanding. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a closer walk with the Lord through praise and worship. Praising Him in English and Hebrew is amazing!!
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