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he restores my sould psalm 23

Behind the Word Shalom: The Three S’s of Shalom

outpouring shalomEven though I am in danger of sounding like a broken record, I love the word shalom.  The main reason is because YHWH gave me a revelation and healing vision surrounding this word which I am fully embracing.  Not only is shalom a beautiful-sounding word but it is also an awesome blessing, that’s why I use it a lot on my blog and when greeting and saying goodbye to other people.  I want them to experience shalom in their lives.  Nevertheless, some people have asked me why I use the word shalom, the thinking behind this is that it’s a Jewish/Hebrew word and this frightens many Christians.

Just so that you know, I am not trying to Judaize anyone or God forbid mutter a curse, so this post is to illustrate as best I can what I have discovered shalom to mean. Continue reading

Does Sin lead to Blindness or Blindness to Sin? (John 9)

John 9 focuses on the story of the blind man who is healed by Yahushua, a single chapter which encapsulates what is hidden to sight, what is darkness and what is truth.

It starts off with the disciples asking Yahushua quite a controversial question:

 “Rabbi” they said, “who sinned, the man or his parents, that he should be born blind?”

As Rabbi, means teacher, it is obvious that they wanted Yahushua to teach them something which they were confused about or didn’t know.  This got me thinking, what has blindness got to do with sin?  Obviously as the disciples has been born into the Jewish faith their understanding of sin and blindness would also originate from this, so I decided to look at what the Old Testament had to say about  the relationship between blindness and sin. Continue reading

parental care maternal bond

Does Spiritual Stress really exist? (Book Extract 24)

We hear a  lot about different types of stress but rarely about spiritual stress, why should this be the case?

  • Maybe because spiritual stress doesn’t exist?
  • Maybe it does but not many people know about it or understand it?
  • Maybe it could be that it’s not considered as real or valuable as understanding other more physical types of stress?

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t know about Spiritual Stress until YHWH began to talk to me about this and I found that spiritual stress is indeed very real and it does exist however it is not very well understood.  I don’t claim to be an expert in spiritual stress, I only can share the little that I have experienced and have pieced together through my experiences and what YHWH God has shown and taught me. Continue reading

bet means house, family, in (pictograph Hebrew)

Getting Rid of the Leaven within You (part 1)

As the time of Passover (Pesach) draws closer there are many whose thoughts are turning towards ridding their homes of leaven and leavening agents.  It may seem a simple process and even desirable to have an already scheduled date set for ‘spring-cleaning’ but actually it’s not so simple, not so easy and maybe even not so desirable.  Funnily enough the things on the ‘need to get rid of’ list are always those things that are desired the most: chocolates, biscuits, breads, yoghurt, cheeses, alcohol etc.  One year as I trailed around a makeshift Kosher for Passover shop I was surprised and disappointed to see aisles of cakes, biscuits, bread, chocolate apparently Passover is big business for the food industry!  I couldn’t help thinking to myself; ‘doesn’t inventing all of this ‘new food’ defeat the purpose of Passover?’  It just further proved to me that getting rid of the leaven in our life is not as simple as we would like it to be and we often think of creative ways to hang onto those things which we know are not good for us.

Kosher for passover?

So just imagine, if people can find ways of keeping foods that they desire in their lives during Passover then how much harder will we cling to things in our lives that we should really be throwing in the bin?


A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of listening to a guest speaker Messianic Rabbi Boris Koseleff at our congregation, he spoke about removing the leaven from our lives.   This post is my reflection on and overview of the content which he shared with us which really did bless me, so I hope this will bless you also.

Shalom in Messiah


Most times when leaven is mentioned within the scriptures it is with a negative connotation. Before the Passover (Pesach) the Hebrews were warned by God three times to get rid of the leaven in their homes (Ex. 12: 15, 19-20); the fact that God warned them 3 times is highly significant as it is a number equated with the revelation of the complete will and truth of God (Divine Messianic revelation).


bet means house, family, in (pictograph Hebrew)

bet means house, family, in (pictograph Hebrew)

On top of this, God told them to rid their homes of leaven, this is also very significant.  The Hebrew word for house/home is ‘Bet’, in ancient pictographic Hebrew it is depicted as the floor plan of a domestic tent.  Bet also means in(side).  I believe that God was not simply talking about getting rid of the leaven in their physical homes but the leaven buried deep within them too, the symbol of bet also shows how ingrained leaven would be and with all those twist and turns it was very easy for leaven to become so deeply embedded that it became lost in the darkest corners of the tent.  So I feel that each commandment to get rid of leaven corresponds to each level or step required to get that leaven out of its dark hiding place and into the light.  Yes God wanted them to get rid of the leaven in their homes but it was a symbol pointing towards something much more important to Him, the home in which His Spirit would dwell!

Other examples showing leaven as undesirable or unleavened as preferred by God include:

  • The Holy offerings made by fire to YHWH e.g. sin, guilt, trespass and peace offerings (Lev 6L14, 18; 7:11-13)
  • As part of the Nazarite vow no fermented/leavened drinks could be consumed (Num 6:3)
  • Gideon’s calling into ministry (Judges 6:11-24)
  • As part of the priest’s consecration (Ex 29: 2, 23; Lev 8:2,26)

Based on the above examples we can see that the absence of leaven was used to represent something or someone that was set apart for Divine use. 

What can we take from this today?


For YHWH to use us we need to be set apart for His Divine use alone, not just having a part-time relationship with Him, but willing to make that spiritual vow of separation!  How keen are you to get rid of the leaven in your life that is separating you from really coming into the presence of God so that He can not only fill more and more of you but also so that He can use you in a glorious way for His Kingdom?

Here is a simple leaven inventory that you can do to check where it may be lurking in your bet.

Step 1: Check the leaven in your actions

Do you struggle to give up behaviours that you know is offensive to God and those you love around you?  Would the thought of giving up your car, house, jewellery, job, social standing or anything else you hold onto cause you to feel empty and desolate inside? Are you more likely to listen to your peers over God?

Step 2: Check the leaven in your heart

Do you find yourself comparing your works and life with those of others in society and in your congregation/fellowship?  Are you secretly pleased that your not as bad as others you generally come into contact with?  Are you proud of your standing and reputation in your workplace, congregation or society?

Step 3:  Check the leaven in your thoughts

Is there something in your belief system which prevents you from embracing the supernatural ability and promises of God for your life?  Maybe something in your past experiences which causes you to limit His power in your life?  Have you given credence to the limiting voice of the deceiver over the unlimited voice of YHWH?

Hopefully these questions will help you begin to review any areas within you were leaven may be lurking.  The time leading up to Pesach is a great time (even better than most as it is God-ordained) to begin to cleanse your house from leaven.

Next week I will be continuing this post on getting rid of the leaven in our homes, so stay in touch :D




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Looking in the Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall: what do you see when you look into the mirror?

Looking in the Mirror

photo credit: (nf) nunoferreira via photopin cc

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

Take a moment now to look into the mirror, what do you see?

Did you look at your hair?
Your clothes?
Your body?
Your face?

We have eyes yet we do not see.

Why am I saying this?

This week my husband went to view the body of his recently deceased uncle, the corpse looked exactly like his dead uncle but looking at the body it was clear that it was just an empty shell.  The vital energy, the spirit of his uncle, that which made his uncle who he was had left the body.

For Life is more than food and the body  more than clothing.

Luke 12: 23

When we look in the mirror we focus on our physical appearance and who can blame us for doing so.  But in focusing on the physical we lose sight of the simple truth that we are far more than what we see.

God is God of both spirit and flesh ie. the unseen and the seen.

Beyond the skin, the bones, the muscles and nerves, beyond the physical there is a spiritual realm.  Yeshua explained that Elohim was God of the living and not God of the dead, those who we no longer see physically are still alive spiritually.  They have moved across to the spiritual realm where they wait for the end of days as spoken of in the Book of Revelation.  But the spiritual realm is a lot closer to us than we can even imagine.

Take another look in the mirror, what do you see?

You probably notice that your focus returns to your face, most specifically to your eyes.  When we speak to someone face to face, our focus goes back time and time again to their eyes.  Babies, people who suffer with impaired mental functioning and even some animals  look at the eyes to assess those around them whether they are friend or foe.  So much information can be found within the light of the eyes.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light.

Matthew 6: 22

The eyes are the literal window to your soul, it is the doorway to the inner you.  Your eyes express the truest sense of who you are, that which is beyond the physical.

Look into the mirror, what do your eyes say about you?  
What emotions can you see in their depths?
Sadness, anxiety, fear, anger, mistrust?
Happiness, peace, joy, love, security?
A mixture of both maybe?

It might seem strange to just stare into your own eyes, it feels almost supernatural to do so but it is one of the quickest and simplest ways to access your inner self.  For some people this activity will be almost overwhelming, as they experience the sudden bombardment of information which calls out from the depths of them.  When all we have learnt to pay attention to is our outward being, the voice of our inward man can be disarming.

Have you noticed how some people avoid eye-contact or wear clothes or accessories which darken or hide the eyes?  It is usually people who are broken in some way who tend to do so; people who have experienced prison life learn the hard way to avoid eye contact and disaffected youth pull hooded sweats close over their heads to shadow their eyes.  I have from their lips just how difficult eye contact is, is this self-protective behaviour?

I believe that personal eye-contact can go along way to aiding inner healing, not simply by sitting and looking into our own eyes but by entering into a dialogue with our inner self, a bit like inner spiritual meditation.  You might have even done this before at a time after a personal crisis or trauma, when with tears of pain or sadness in your eyes you stared into their depths and spoke to the person on the other side of the mirror.  You spoke words that mirrored your thoughts and emotions and spoke words that calmed your inner turmoil.  This type of behaviour is so natural for us, even though we do not realise it.   Young children also do this except they don’t need to be sad, they can be happy or just do it to pass away the time, speaking to themselves in the mirror comes so naturally to them; is this a cause or a consequence of their innocence?

Personal eye contact activity

  1. Spend at least five minutes a day making personal eye contact, your surrounding environment should be quiet and still.
  2. Listen quietly paying attention to the thoughts that come into your head and the emotions and feelings you see and sense in your eyes.
  3. If the thoughts and emotions are negative, ambivalent or unfocussed speak appropriate words to edify and heal using Biblical affirmations.  If the thoughts and emotions are positive, nurture and strengthen them using the Word of God.
  4. Bring these emotions and thoughts to God during your times of prayer and meditation, listening for His voice to lead you in how to deal with these thoughts and emotions.


photo credit: helgabj via photopin cc
photo credit: Mohammed Nairooz via photopin cc

I am

Unlocking the True Power of ‘I am’ Statements in our lives

I am

Sometimes we get into a place of great discouragement; often that place of discouragement is the result of weighing up our present and possibly our past with our future goals.  We have a dream and a vision for our lives, but our life CV may make us feel that achieving that goal or dream is nearly impossible.

Sometimes, things look so bad that we start complaining to God, we start saying “why is my life like this?” and other such things.  We might even begin to experience self-pity and begin to feel frustrated because of all the things that we want to possess but do not.

When things get particularly bad we might start praying to God to fix our situation and our life, I recall a time when I was here myself except my prayer was “bless me Father, bless me, bless me, bless me” obviously because I did not feel blessed enough!  When I prayed this, do you know what God said to me?  “I have already blessed you.”

Already blessed!  Already, means previously or before now.  God was saying to me, you are asking me for what you currently possess.  When this clicked in me my words changed from ‘bless me’ to ‘I am blessed’!  I came into agreement with God’s words to me and owned them as truth, then I started to speak out loud how I was blessed using Deuteronomy 28 as a template.

As I was speaking these blessings over myself I began to notice the words that I was using, “I am blessed going out, I am blessed coming in, I am blessed in the city, I am blessed in the fields etc.” I began to notice two key words, “I AM”. Continue reading

Depressed man

Repentance as a catalyst for restoration and healing

According to Hebrew tradition on the Day of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) the righteous are written in the Book of Life, I think that it is very easy to see all references to life in the Bible as eternal spiritual life but I believe that we can and should also view life as our temporal life here on earth. Continue reading

Jesus talking with child

Words that bring healing – 3 insights for inner healing gained through YOU!

Words that speak life

I am really excited to be sharing these insights with you on the Power of words particularly with a focus on words that bring healing and and lead us to experience life.  I am particularly excited because these are insights that I gained from YOU, thank you.  Thank you for taking time out to read last week’s blog post and thank you for taking time to comment here and on other social media sites and thank you for sharing and

Today, I would like to focus on 3 insights which I have gained through you.

Just in case you missed the blog post which generated these thoughts, comments and insights you can find it here to read and catch up. Continue reading