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Addictive Habits, Demon Possesion and lots of Grace!

Are addictions (addictive habits and behaviours) linked to demonic possession? Well, it depends on how you define demonic possession.  I really don’t like over spiritualising every little thing, so I would hesitate to say definitely yes.    However, I do believe that addictions are not merely physical but permeate the body, soul and spirit levels. […]

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Behind the Word Shalom: The Three S’s of Shalom

Even though I am in danger of sounding like a broken record, I love the word shalom.  The main reason is because YHWH gave me a revelation and healing vision surrounding this word which I am fully embracing.  Not only is shalom a beautiful-sounding word but it is also an awesome blessing, that’s why I […]

Does Sin lead to Blindness or Blindness to Sin? (John 9)

John 9 focuses on the story of the blind man who is healed by Yahushua, a single chapter which encapsulates what is hidden to sight, what is darkness and what is truth. It starts off with the disciples asking Yahushua quite a controversial question:  “Rabbi” they said, “who sinned, the man or his parents, that he […]

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Does Spiritual Stress really exist? (Book Extract 24)

We hear a  lot about different types of stress but rarely about spiritual stress, why should this be the case? Maybe because spiritual stress doesn’t exist? Maybe it does but not many people know about it or understand it? Maybe it could be that it’s not considered as real or valuable as understanding other more […]

bet means house, family, in (pictograph Hebrew)

Getting Rid of the Leaven within You (part 1)

As the time of Passover (Pesach) draws closer there are many whose thoughts are turning towards ridding their homes of leaven and leavening agents.  It may seem a simple process and even desirable to have an already scheduled date set for ‘spring-cleaning’ but actually it’s not so simple, not so easy and maybe even not […]

Looking in the Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall: what do you see when you look into the mirror?

What do you see when you look into the mirror? Take a moment now to look into the mirror, what do you see? Did you look at your hair? Your clothes? Your body? Your face? We have eyes yet we do not see. Why am I saying this? This week my husband went to view […]

I am

Unlocking the True Power of ‘I am’ Statements in our lives

Sometimes we get into a place of great discouragement; often that place of discouragement is the result of weighing up our present and possibly our past with our future goals.  We have a dream and a vision for our lives, but our life CV may make us feel that achieving that goal or dream is […]

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Repentance as a catalyst for restoration and healing

According to Hebrew tradition on the Day of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) the righteous are written in the Book of Life, I think that it is very easy to see all references to life in the Bible as eternal spiritual life but I believe that we can and should also view life as our temporal life […]

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Words that bring healing – 3 insights for inner healing gained through YOU!

I am really excited to be sharing these insights with you on the Power of words particularly with a focus on words that bring healing and and lead us to experience life.  I am particularly excited because these are insights that I gained from YOU, thank you.  Thank you for taking time out to read […]