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Does Spiritual Stress really exist? (Book Extract 24)

We hear a  lot about different types of stress but rarely about spiritual stress, why should this be the case? Maybe because spiritual stress doesn’t exist? Maybe it does but not many people know about it or understand it? Maybe it could be that it’s not considered as real or valuable as understanding other more […]

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Does God Heal in an Instant? (Book Extract 21)

Does this then mean that God cannot heal in an instant?  Well, it depends on how you look at and define the word instant.  According to the Oxford English dictionary, the word instant has two meanings: the first meaning, is a precise moment in time, whilst the second meaning means a short period of time, […]

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Re-turn to God (Book extract 20)

(This extract continues on from here) Jeremiah 29, verses 10 and 11 also show that God was using the captivity of the Judah as a tool to deliver them from the sickness of sin which had permeated their current existence.  In addition to this, it was His plan to lead the Jews back into Shalom, […]