Does God still Heal Today?

Today I asked God to heal me.  It’s always an unspoken prayer, but today it was a heart cry.  Having an illness isn’t fun, it’s tiring, disheartening and the obvious painful and uncomfortable.  There are things I want to do like run, I have this deep desire to run and feel energetic and alive without the after effects and I have an even deeper desire for children and to be a healthy mum.  Although I would love the first, it’s the latter that makes my heart ache the most, it’s the latter which makes me feel like I wish God would just hurry up and do His thing cos I’m not getting any younger, and truth be told, it’s the latter that made me ask “Does God still heal today?”

Why would I even ask that question, I can see the words already forming in your mind or maybe you’ve asked it yourself and are secretly glad you’re not alone.  I get it either way. The truth is that people do ask that question and sometimes they don’t even admit it to themselves for fear of judgement.  I can ask the question because I believe my God can take it and I need to have my faith built on more than pretty silk strands of fear,doubt and half truths.

So does God still heal today?

Does God still heal today?

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