A Different Perspective on Pain and Discomfort

Nobody likes to be in pain or discomfort. In fact I have read that when we are in pain we either safeguard that area or we act as if nothing is wrong.

Our relationship with pain and discomfort means that most of the time we are looking for ways to get rid of it, not surprising really.

But I think we can find some blessings in pain and discomfort if we looked at it from a different perspective.

For example, a few weeks ago I was doing really well health wise and then I wasn’t, I had a relapse.

Although in pain, I was grateful for all the days I had which were pain and discomfort free.

Then my health began to improve again and I was thankful that God had given me the strength to make it through that time and was blessing me with this time of shalom.

I understood more clearly that…


This has also made me more aware of my every moment.

Moment, by moment I acknowledge my physical state, the relief I am feeling from pain and discomfort and my soul gives praise to God.

gratitude for healthYet, as I said I am also more aware, of myself and also of my body.

The other day I ate an apple, and noticed straight away that it didn’t sit well with me. My body began to speak the language of pain and discomfort so I knew that something wasn’t right.

The day after I had some mango and the next morning I was so uncomfortable.

These are just two examples of things that I have been experiencing as I pay more attention to myself, things that I kind of already knew but allowed to be pushed aside.

Without the signals of pain or discomfort would I be able to know what is good and bad for me?

A recent food intolerance test came back positive, I looked at the list of foods and thought to myself – “But, I don’t eat any junk food anymore!”

But there on the list were apples, pears and other foods that we would eat without blinking.

It was a very basic preliminary test, it didn’t show what I was intolerant to but only that it could be any of the items on the list.

But from my growing awareness of how my body responds when it’s unhappy I am more able to pick out things that I need to stay away from.

So all in all, I’m quite grateful for the blessing of pain and discomfort because it:

  1. Makes me appreciative of the times when I am not in pain and discomfort
  2. Empowers me to learn how to make my days more pain and discomfort free

Yes, I can’t deny that during those moments of pain and discomfort I would wish I wasn’t in that state.

But I have heard of so many people who receive healing only to fall ill again because they have no idea how to look after themselves.

So yes, I guess I do see pain and discomfort as a blessing to enable me to live better, more fully and more wholly by learning what works and doesn’t work for me.


  1. How has a change of perspective helped you get through a time of pain and discomfort?
  2. How can a change of perspective help you move forward?

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