How to Own your Personal Healing Beliefs

If there is one thing that causes the rise and fall of many in the Body of Messiah (BoM) it is the teachings and views surrounding health and healing. Most people have an opinion on healing, and it is mostly those with the loudest voice, the most forceful words and the heaviest pockets which are heard.

But, regardless of what other people say, think or believe about healing whether in the BoM or secular scoiety, it is important that you own your own healing beliefs.  This means two things:

  1. Not determined by Others.  Your healing beliefs should be your own, they should not be determined or dependent on the beliefs of people around you.  Listening to advice and gaining information is fine, but this should be done with the attitude of praying over everything said and not just accepting it due to fear, pressure, confusion or anything else.
  2. Be Convinced in Your Self.  This requires you to get to a place where you are so convinced of God’s Word for yourself and in yourself that it makes it really hard for people to throw you off from your foundation.  People might think you are being stubborn or being pig-headed, but actually you are just standing on God’s Word and personal revelation to you.

Why owning your Healing Beliefs is so Important

I have personally witnessed and have first hand experience of how much Believers are being led astray by the variety of teachings and doctrines surrounding healing and the negative impact this has had on how they feel about God, themselves, their future and the BoM. I am an advocate of every single Child of God living fully through being able to personally hear YHWH’s Voice and obey His Word.  This cannot be achieved when we are paying  more attention to the words of others instead.   Remember everyone has an opinion on something, knowing what you believe means you can draw the line on how much information you take in.

You therefore, brethren, knowing these things before, take heed, lest being led aside by the error of the unwise, you fall from your own steadfastness. (2 Peter 3:17 Douay-Rheims Bible)

There are two things you should consider in relation to this.

  1. Human beinge are highly impressionable, influenced and persuaded by others around them. We are influenced every day without even realising it, just think about how being amongst different groups of people changes your behaviour.  If you are consistently exposed to the same messages over and over again you will quickly adopt them as your own.  You can safeguard against this by learning and forming your own  beliefs in this case healing beliefs.
  2. Human beings can be manipulative. They may not want to be, but man has become adept at making people come round to their way of thinking for a wide variety of reasons.  As someone who has studied and taught Psychology I often find myself analysing things without even knowing it, and when you stop and pay attention even to people within the BoM you will be surpised at how much manipulation, coercion and pressure goes on.

“When we do not know or are uncertain about God’s truth we are more easily led into a place of insecurity, instability and confusion regarding His will in our lives. Result? We will be more likely to listen to and take the words of others over God’s words.”

How can you tell whether you need to develop and work on your Healing Beliefs?

Seeing that the Bible tells us that according to our beliefs it will be done onto us, if we have no real or firm beliefs what will the end result be?  The Bible also tells us not to be like a wave tossed by the waves of multiples doctrines.  It is always in your best interests to stand firmly on what you believe, here are a few clues to show whether you need to develop your healing beliefs.

  • You find yourself being coerced, forced or pressurised to attend healing services or various deliverence ministries for you to receive your healing.
  • You have read so many books/watched so many teachings on healing but you’re still confused.
  • You feel uncertain or insecure of God’s will/plan for your health, well-being or life.
  • You tend to be anxious and suffer from fear especially when you think about your health.
  • You attend healing services etc with the hope that the Pastor or Prophet will have a special word for you.
  • You find yourself too afraid to do anything that might seem as if you are showing unbelief and jeapordise your chances of healing.
  • You find yourself agreeing with other people who really have no experience of what you are going through but sound powerful and annointed but deep inside you have HUGE questions regarding what they are saying.

These are only a few I can think of off the top of my head, and I am sure there are more that can be added.  Can you see yourself in any of these?  I know I have because much of this list is what I have done!

Reflection:  What kind of peace would you have if you were to get to a place of not experiencing any of the above because you have a personal revelation and foundation with which to build your healing beliefs?

All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace  (shalom) of your children.
  (Isaiah 54: 13 ESV)

Wishing you shalom on your healing journey.


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