What your Body is saying: Learning your Body’s Health Language

We’ve all heard about body language, but our understanding of it relates to how we use our body to communicate with other people.

But there is another type of body language which is very important, probably more important than the slight manipulation involved in our general use of body language.

Our Body’s health language.

This relates to what your body is saying, how your body is trying to communicate its health needs with you.

I am totally convinced from a scriptural perspective that the human body and indeed all of creation is programmed towards optimum health and well-being.  What I mean is that every single cell and atom wants to function in a healthy and optimum way and given half a chance will try to do this.

The biggest problem our body has is in trying to communicate what it needs to support it on its way.

As such, we often play havoc with our body’s natural healing tendency by behaviours which counteract health and healing.

We mostly all know the BIG things like smoking, drinking, eating a healthy diet, exercise. regular sleep, water consumption etc but there is something else that we often miss out because we do not know our body’s health language.

What your body is saying

Our body speaks in so many ways, pain is one voice that the body uses often.  Tiredness, fatigue, unexplained ailments, rashes, headaches, nausea, you name it.  This is the Voice of our Body.

what your body is saying about your diet

Are your headaches a reaction to grains?

Often when we feel pain, we reach for the nearest pain-killers.  This may ‘kill’ the pain but the cause of it is still very much alive and although you may no longer hear it, your body is still screaming at you.

Why am I saying all of this?

Well, because we are often running around like headless chicken trying to find a cure or someone to help us with our healing.  But could our agony be avoided by learning to understand what our body is saying to us?

I think so.

I want to give just a couple of examples from my life.

When I was young, I really hated milk,  I hated the colour, I hated the smell, I hated the taste.  It made me feel sick.

These were the days that milk was forced on poor unwilling children under the umbrella that it was good for you.  I HATED milk times and often felt sick afterwards.

Nobody paid much attention to my symptoms apart from noting that I didn’t seem to like milk.  I seemed to do OK with milk in cereals, it needed to be warm and sweet for it to be palatable for me and I forgot about my intense dislike of it.

That was until adolescence, I started to get tremors (fasciculations) all over my body.  I pinpointed it back to milk (and tap water), it seemed to just get worse every time I drank milK for some reason.  When I told my Dr he said that I might be allergic to calcium!  Anyway, that was enough to keep me well away from milk and calcium supplements of any kind, well… except from chocolate, ice-cream, milk-shakes and anything else that tasted yummy which contained dairy 🙁

Fast forward to today.  I am on an elimination diet and I have found a lot of things out.

For example, I was at a friend’s house and had some pineapple and coconut juice.  I probably had a couple of sips and within a few minutes felt a headache coming on.  I checked the ingredients… MILK.

It has been the Feast of Unleavened Bread since last Monday and although I haven’t gone crazy on the bread I have been eating wheat where I have not eaten any in about two months.  I feel mucusy and clogged up and my sinuses are now beginning to play up… again!

I also noticed something really weird.  I have had a craving for fruit juice, we ran out of the one we had so I started drinking grape juice.  Every time I drank grape juice I felt crazy tired exhausted.  I found out or remembered that if you have anaemia you need to stay away from grape juice as it blocks iron from being absorbed – AHHHH EPIPHANY!!!

I have had other moments of realisation, such as realising that me and coconut butter (especially the unfiltered type) don’t go very well.  That certain fruits don’t agree with me and that as much as I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE cashew nuts, they don’t love me. 😥

The only way I could discover all of this, and still be discovering and uncovering is through the process of quieting down my desire to do what I want when I want (pertaining here to food) and listening to what my body has already (underline, underline, underline) been saying about these foods.

For some, it may be like so what?  To me this is a BIG DEAL, because it tells me that I have been doing things for years which placed my body under more stress than it needed to be in, and has probably if not most likely triggered off the cacophony (sorry for the big word) of symptoms I have been experiencing to date.

What would happen if I was to cut out all of these ‘trigger’ foods and allow my body to use the energy it would otherwise use to complain at me to heal?

As I kinda mentioned, I believe our body’s have been fearfully and wonderfully made therefore I owe it to myself to have a listen to it every once in a while to see what wisdom it may shed.

Probably the next question asked will be?  Has this done anything to heal you?

The Answer: Yes and No.

Yes because the current health problem I have started with those symptoms surrounding milk way back so when I was young.  If I had paid attention then maybe it wouldn’t have reached this stage now.  I believe that by understanding what causes my body stress and eliminating it from my diet my body will have the right environment to begin to heal.

No, because I still have those symptoms but not as bad as when I first started to eliminate foods.  However, I am also noticing that when I eat certain foods I get very strong reactions however this is another story.

To conclude:  your body speaks to you in so many different ways.  The way your body reacts to food is just one way of it letting you know what is disrupting or empowering it’s ability to heal and restore itself to its Divinely programmed default setting.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Is this all hogwash, or can you see some truth in it?

Have you discovered what your body is saying?  Have you gleaned any insights from listening to your body’s health language?  If so, please share.

PS: If you can take the time to do so and are suffering from unexplainable array of symptoms, consider learning to understand your body’s health language.

Shalom x


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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I, too, have eliminated so much in my diet and see great benefits. At this point, I don’t miss many of the foods I’ve given up. The cravings for things I thought I couldn’t live without have pretty much gone away. I do have days when I eat something because I’m in a place where there isn’t anything else and then remember the consequences. It is a day-by-day journey and I’m still learning 🙂 It’s amazing how intricately we are made!
    Bless you!!

    • Florence Achama says

      Shalom Sister Amy,

      thank you for sharing your own journey and insights. I can relate to the eating things that I shouldn’t do, still dealing off and on with cravings but also still making discoveries. I am at the stage of re-introducing foods and things are making more sense to me now when Ieat something which triggers a response. What I am finding are the foods I crave are the ones that I need to stay away from 🙁

      I hope that you are seeing the fruits of your labour – God bless you xxx

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