3 Steps to Trust God from Scratch

how can i trust GodYou are not alone.  We have all been here.  To be honest, I don’t think anyone is immune to wondering whether they can trust God in every situation they are in and, it is much harder if you feel like He has let you down.  It’s hard to understand and trust in a God that permits us to go through these horrible times.  Seriously, I’m not surprised when I hear people say:

“How can I trust God when He allowed me to go through xyz”

I have thought it myself.

Yet there are people who think that you should automatically trust God and I’m sure this has made you angry and when you’re honest with yourself even slightly afraid.  It’s a lot to ask, but not too much to ask.

Let me assume as you are here that you want to build your trust in God, your issue is, where do you start?  After all, trust isn’t automatic is it?

I think the key to trusting God is to move past asking God why or allotting blame and to recognise that He has always been with us and He is our greatest Comforter in whatever we have or will go through.

God isn’t the enemy, He is not the cause of our pain, He IS the answer, the healing Balm of Gilead.

So today, I would like to share with you 3 things that can help you re-build your trust in God if you feel let down.  These are things that worked for me right at the beginning when I didn’t really know, believe or trust God to have my good at heart.

3 Steps to help you trust God from Scratch

These tips/steps are for those who are looking to re-build their trust in God from scratch especially in the face of painful experiences, I have another post that also covers the same topic from a slightly different angle of searching for truth as a foundation to trusting God here.   This is a good starting point for people who are suffering from fear and anxiety in Believing God and His Word.

 Step 1: Get to know Him

Get to know God

We cannot trust what we do not know

It seems really silly to say because it’s so obvious, but it’s not really.  Generally we struggle in trusting God because we don’t really know Him.  If you look at it from a human perspective, you wouldn’t put your life in the hands of a complete stranger unless there was some evidence that they could protect you.  The same principle applies here, we struggle to trust God because we have limited evidence of His ability to safeguard us.  This can only be corrected by getting to know Him.  Just as you would get to know that complete stranger you also need to get to know God too.

We often base our knowledge of God on things outside of what He has directly told or shown us, for example what we have learnt or heard about Him from others.  The problem with this is that this is secondary information, but we use it to guide our decisions and interpret His behaviour towards us anyway.  This is a HUGE Mistake – I share more about why here.

Next steps

We can get to know God more fully by:

  1. Spending time reading His Word – this enables us to not only hear from Him first hand but also learn the sound of His voice
  2. Spending time in nature – the Bible says that creation testifies of His existence, if we compare the beauty of creation and how God has given each living thing its own innate wisdom and protective instincts we realise that such a God cannot wish ill for His creation.  We can then compare this to the ways of humanity and realise that actually man is more responsible for all the atrocities on Earth than God is.

Step 2: Speak to Him

Trust takes relationship, relationships are mutual, therefore communication needs to take place.  In order to get to know someone we can’t just fill our heads with lots of facts and information, we will still have some unanswered questions and we will need clarification.  We may begin to feel more secure around them and this will lead to us opening up ourselves and sharing our own thoughts and emotions too.  When we are talking about building or re-building trust in God we are talking about developing a relationship between two ‘people’.

Next Steps

  1. Tell YHWH how you feel – be honest, He is able to handle it.
  2. Ask Him questions – He will answer you.
  3. Keep a diary, this is a good way to see how and when God has answered your prayers.
  4. Talk to Him like a friend, when you’re walking, cooking, shopping or even doing nothing.  It might seem strange but eventually you will find that it’s no longer silent but He is actually talking back to you!

Step 3: Experience His Love

The Bible tells us that YHWH God is love, but we cannot experience this love if we don’t know that He is love.  The more time you spend with Him the more knowledge of this love you will begin to experience, for example I went from someone who thought that God had to show His love for me by taking me out of this world to experiencing immense joy even though my situation hadn’t actually changed.

Next Steps

  1. Meditate on positive and lovely things – this could be by taking a walk in a park and just observing the beauty and joy of nature.  Somebody once told me that they felt God’s love when watching nature programmes!
  2. Do things which bring you into His presence – find the things which connect you to Him.  When do you feel Him closest to you?  Do these things more often.
  3. Be love to others – the principle of sowing and reaping tells us that if we give out love we will receive more love, God will keep on filling our cup.

I have identified 3 steps to trusting God and some tips on how to begin to re-build your trust in Him.  Of course, it’s not as simple as 1, 2, 3 but, it’s a step in the right direction.

What next?

Determine at which step you are on, maybe you feel that you know God quite well but need to focus on communicating with Him.  Or maybe you need to experience more of His love, or maybe you are right at the beginning of building your trust and need to start at step 1.  That’s OK just make a start.

Pick one action to take and focus on that until you start to feel your trust levels build up.  There is no average time but I am sure that in time you will begin to see how much God is worthy of your trust.

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