Meditating on Psalm 27:1 for Anxiety, Insecurity and Low Self-worth

 The LORD [is] my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
The LORD [is] the strength (stronghold) of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalm 27:1 AV

As I was meditating on these words I was stirred in my spirit to begin writing this healing meditation and reflection which so far has fed and blessed me and everyone who has heard it.  I know that it will feed you too as the enemy has tried hard to stop me from settling down even right now to write it, but I can see past His tactics and claim victory in Messiah Yahushua (Christ Jesus).

This is a very powerful reflection and meditation especially for people facing a time of difficulty or in a place of anxiety, so say these words to yourself by reading them aloud over and over until it penetrates into the core of you.

I also have made a recording where I speak it in both the first and second person so if you prefer just close your eyes and listen to the words of the Spirit/Ruach minister to you; you can find the recording here – (

Psalm 27:1 Meditative Reflection (Fear)     

The written version which follows contains scripture verses which confirm and bring deeper understanding to the words of this reflection and allow you to meditate further on these passages in your own time.

I really pray that you are blessed by it.

xxx Achama


The I AM, the Eternal, the All Becoming One is the Light within me.

His Light has always been in me ever since the moment I entered into the world. (John 1: 4 and 9)

He has not left me, neither has He forsaken me, His heart is set to save me and deliver me.  He is my Saviour, Yeshuati.

My heart rejoices that such a One could delight in me, my inner man leaps for joy within my womb (Luke 1:44), the depth of my being at the sound and imprint of His voice holding me up, establishing me, keeping me firm.
I am deep-rooted.

He is my fortress (stronghold), strong walls that surround His preciousness and glory within me.  My life is in Him, and He is the essence of my life.

My life is an exquisite jewel gleaming in brilliance from the Light that shines from within and O, how my Saviour delights in protecting His precious Treasure!

No weapon shall touch me, no enemy can have me, no device can succeed against me, I am in a Place of Safety, a Place of Shalom.

I have nothing to fear, His love surrounds me, holding me in, keeping me safe, held tightly in the fist of His hand. (John 10:28-30)

I sit here, I rest here on this Cushion of Honour, my broad place, my safe place, a place just for me.  And I exhale (inhale deeply and then exhale), breathing out all fear, trepidation, uncertainty and anxiety as I choose to rest in His Shalom.  (Psalm 139:18)

 © Copyright 2013 Florence Achama Ukpabi| On the Road to Healing





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