The Benefits & Purpose of Trusting God (Learning to Trust God – Part 5)

Trusting the Lord YHWH

Today’s post marks the last in this 5 part series on learning to trust God.  Let’s quickly re-cap the previous 4 parts.

In my first post on learning to trust God I shared part of my own journey and experience and, looked at how a faulty God schema can impact our ability to properly trust God.

In the second post, I began to look at the concept of truth and looked at 3 steps that helped me to learn to trust God more,

In my third post, I focused more on the concept of truth and how it is important in helping us trust God.

In my last post I looked at the difference between faith and trust and began to illustrate how both of these are vital to the life of a Believer.

In this week’s post I will be concluding by looking at the benefits and purpose or end goal of trusting God.

This week’s post is slightly different because instead of reading  you’ll be listening to an audio teaching instead.  This means that you can give your eyes a rest, sit still and simply listen or listen and do something else.  Listening is extremely important skill which is eroding in modern society so I decided to create this audio because I felt that listening to God’s Word and a teaching often goes more deeply than reading.

If you really can’t stand listening and prefer to read it just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Just click on the audio player below to start listening

The Benefits & Purpose of Trusting God     



Image: Art4TheGlryOfGod

Shalom in Messiah

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