Faith and Trust (Learning to Trust God – Part 4)

I’ve spoken so much about trust and have spent very little if any time on the topic of faith, that is because so much is generally said on faith and very little on trust.  Today’s post will focus more on faith albeit in relation to trust.

Dear friend, I want you to know that every Believer needs both faith and trust to successfully live the life that YHWH God has promised is available to us, both are equally important yet qualitatively different.

 Without faith we cannot believe, the Bible makes this clear, faith gives us the ability and capacity to believe in that which looks/seems impossible.  As such, we need faith in order to build and develop our trust in God.  I think it’s easy to get faith and trust confused and I pray for clarity in this area continuously.  But I will give an outline of how I view faith and trust and why faith and trust are both important.

Faith to me is a Divine gift, it is the supernatural seed to believe (accept something as true)/do what seems impossible to do in the natural.  When we operate in faith, we operate outside of the natural and move into the supernatural (above/outside the natural), amazingly this generally occurs at times of crisis or personal threat, this makes me feel that we have a predisposition to activate and utilise faith written somewhere in our DNA.  Because of this man has done some things which seem impossible in situations of personal threat or crisis such as lift a car or pull a jammed car door open in order to escape or save a life.  The potential for us to activate and operate in faith is HUGE!

Faith and Trust in God

As mentioned, faith is the capacity and ability to believe and do the seemingly impossible, I believe we all have this ability and capacity within us but we do not always choose to accept and thus activate it.  Ironically it takes a lot of faith to operate in faith, that is because we are so nature-bound, as such we do not give ourselves the opportunity to more often ascend into the supernatural.

Do you recall the testimony I gave you in part 1 of how Eke and I believed God as El-Shaddai and how as a consequence He manifested Himself as El-Shaddai towards us?  Well, looking back I can now see two things more clearly:

  1.  We were both given supernatural grace to believe, we each made the decision to believe separately we did not confide our worries or plans to each other, it was a personal decision to believe made in a moment of prayer.  As we were both ignorant of what each was going through it is clear to me that this was the entire work of the Ruach Kodesh (Holy Spirit) empowering us through the supernatural seed of faith.
  2. We each made the decision to activate our faith when we chose to accept the supernatural possibility over the natural impossibility as such ascending into the supernatural which is the realm of all possibility.

During this time we were tested and this is where I most clearly began to see the distinction between faith and trust.  Faith required very little input from us, all we had to do was choose to accept the faith that YHWH God was offering, scary yes, but with our backs against the wall it was a choice that really was not a choice.

 It was after our faith was activated that the hard work really began because we had to continue believing in spite of what we were seeing in the physical.  You see, I have realised that as creatures of the natural world we are unable to spend all of our time in the supernatural, we go in and out as Messiah promised but all in all we are nature-bound.  As such the spark of supernatural faith must be replaced by something which is also nature-bound (operates mainly in the natural and laws of the natural), trust.

I fully believe (am convinced and believe to be the truth) that God doesn’t put us through trials to punish or break us, neither does He simply gives us faith in order for us to get what we want.  Faith is necessary for us to know God, indeed it is the first step towards knowing Him and I feel this is the ultimate reason behind our trials, to develop our knowings of God so that we can live out of and through Him.

Anyway, I get really passionate when I talk about this but I’ve moved off the point which is the need for faith to be transformed into trust.  It seems odd that Paul might say that we should glory in tribulations (Romans 5:3), but he obviously knew the important role testing plays in our spiritual growth and development.  (Read Romans 5:3-4)

In modern day language Paul was basically saying that pressure through life trials are a good thing and something that we should be happy embracing because it brings about endurance, which in turn brings about experience, proof, evidence or trustiness (Strongs). Although many versions translate G1382  dokime as character (verse 4), the Greek is referring to that which is the consequence or output of  a time of proving/testing ie. increased ability to trust.

Experiencing trials brings about trust because it proves that:

  •  We can persevere and endure during hardships
  • We can experience victories whether small or great
  •  God IS indeed El-Shaddai and HE CAN BE TRUSTED ie. we can hope/have confidence in HIM.

Although the last part is generally translated as hope, this is actually not the same kind of hope that we normally refer to in the English language because this hope is actually confidence not an uncertain desire/wish.  You might find this article interesting in understanding the meaning of Biblical Hope over secular hope.

So let’s quickly round up:

  1. faith is important, without faith we cannot believe.
  2. Faith is a supernatural gift from God we cannot create our own faith but we can choose to activate it.
  3. Once activated our faith is tested in order to produce confidence and trust in God.

Next week is the last part on this series where we will continue to look at the importance of trust in our walk with God, until then you might want to download our FREE faith compilation ebook or check out the great resources on understanding and activating faith below.

Blessings of Shalom xxx


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    Florence, once again you fill in the blanks from my own personal bible studies! I have been dealing with the issues of faith and trust on and off since my chronic pain journey began. I really appreciate how you explain it here. It will help me as I continue my walk with God. He has much to teach me – I only hope I can become a faster student ;0)

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