Inner Healing Prayer

Whilst I was studying towards the Christian Counselling course, one of the topics we covered was the role of prayer in counselling.  During my private study and research I came across a fantastic prayer for inner healing which I adapted as the Spirit led and which has proved to be a blessing to both my husband and I.  The original prayer was developed by Agnes Sanford, you can find some of her resources online.  Below is a prayer that you can say yourself and I may also include an audio version of this inner healing prayer if you wish to be prayed over instead.

Listen to the Inner Healing Prayer instead (MP3)

Inner Healing Prayer     

This is an inner healing prayer which can be used for healing inner wounds, emotional healing, spiritual healing especially of any negative spiritual influences which may be a part of your life either knowingly or unknowingly.

Embracing the Light of God

Come Adonai Yahushua (Lord Jesus), come as a careful housekeeper might come to a house that has long been closed and neglected.  Open all the windows and let the fresh wind of your Ruach (Spirit) enter in.  Raise all the curtains/blinds so that the white light, and pure heat of your love will flow and enlighten any darkness in my soul – the light of your love fills the mansion of my soul and all darkness flees from Your presence. And indeed in Your name I speak to that darkness, I declare that all shadows and darkness can no longer remain in me, here in this one whom You have redeemed upon the Cross.


Look Yahushua into my soul and remove any memories that resemble ugly pictures on my wall, pictures of old distressful and horrifying wounds of the past.  Any characteristics of how I was painted by my parents and others around me particularly in my formative years, any pictures of lies which reflect who I am not,  painting a false self-image and identity, and any pictures which represent the occult or those who watch from behind canvas eyes.   Take these pictures down and replace them with pictures of beauty, cleansing, joy and healing and renew and re-create my opinion and image of myself.  Transform old sorrows into the power to comfort others who have sorrowed. Heal old wounds by your redemptive love, and turn them mysteriously into a love that heals the wounds of others.


I also pray that you would remove any statues and figurines, idols and man-made things which I look up to in my house and who also may have been planted to watch me.


Look into every cupboard and open every door, look and see if there is any dirty and broken things which are no longer needed in my present life, I give you permission to take them completely away.  I give thanks, for this is the promise of the Scriptures: As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us, Psalm 103:12.


If there is any shame which has only just come to light – come in and remove it from my soul, remove any unbelief and lack of trust in you, I surrender all my boxes of things I rely on and choose to trust in You alone.


I also know that I need to repent and say sorry for my sins against you and others, and I actively acknowledge that other people have sinned against me and that we all need You to purify us of all unrighteousness.  I particularly wish to confess specific sins that have arisen in my mind now, I know that part of receiving forgiveness is to extend it to those who have trespassed against me, when it’s time and when it’s right I am willing to forgive those who have hurt me.  I know that I will be able to deal with any unfinished work in the right time and I am willing to in the light of your presence – bring them into Your light and place your healing hands of light to heal them – I bring them to you so that you can heal them – cleanse and heal them all.


Go back even to the nursery in my memory house, open the windows long sealed and let in the gentle sunlight of your love.   Here more than anywhere, Yahushua, make everything clean and beautiful on the inside and outside – take a brush of mercy and sweep away any dirt from the floor of this memory room including shame and confusion from the upset of any memories which arise.   Wipe away every dust from furniture and walls with a wet cloth, clean my heart in the way that you know that I most need and wash me so that the soul which is created in your image and after your likeness may be made whiter than snow.

Look into the cupboard for dirty clothes and old rags and memories, surely not needed anymore in my adult life, show me what these things might do and take them away from me completely – cover every pain/burden imposed upon me from any source and lead me now towards new freedom and joy in you.  I thank you that you are able to do this and are doing this now.


Follow my soul all the way back to the hour of my birth and heal me of any pain/fear I may have had of being born into this dark world, and even before I was born that any shadow darkened by the fears/sorrows of my human parents – please heal those impressions/memories so that I may be restored to your original pattern with my soul as free and clean as though nothing had dimmed it’s shining.


So YHWH I ask that you would restore my soul as you made it to be, as you intended it to be – all those wonderful creative ideas that you placed in me so that whatever you have given me during this human pilgrimage may be fulfilled in me.  As David said of You so long ago “He restores my soul and lead me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake”.   I give you permission to continue restoring my soul and I am excited by the prospect of this taking place – and I give thanks O Yah for this healing taking place and it is the very reason you gave your life on Calvary – Fullness of Life.   Set a seal upon the work if the Spirit in my life – as this day continues, continue with me, guide me, lead me, teach me.  Continue to heal me and talk to me, may I f eel your warmth and light of your love continually covering and overshadowing me – keep me in Your secret place.


B’shem Yahushua (In Jesus’ name) I pray.  Amen.


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