Seeing the face of God (part 1) – Book Extract 12

seeking face of God

Hands up anyone who would like to see God face to face? 

Most likely all of us would, and this was the same for the intimate friend and servant of God, Moses.  When Moses stood on the holy mountain as recounted in Exodus he asked to know Elohim more intimately, he too needed to know God more fully.  Although, Exodus 33 verse 11 states that Moses spoke to God face to face we find that this conversation did not really include an intimate knowing of God on Moses side, it was as if there was still a wall that separated Moses from coming more fully into the presence of God.   Even though Moses had guided Israel out of Egypt and had been given divine authority, a portion of the Holy Spirit and the ability to speak to and commune with Elohim, it wasn’t enough for him.  I think this is a great point to meditate on, at that time Moses had already experienced much hardship, trial and sorrow and he needed to see the face of God to strengthen him against all the further trials and hardship ahead.  Seeing the glory of God would provide him with much needed security and re-assurance that he was in fact loved by Elohim. Moses said to YHWH:

I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight

Exodus 33: 13

Like Moses, we also need the security that comes with developing an intimate relationship with God, we need the re-assurance that we are loved by God and that we have found favour in His sight.  Even though we cannot see God physically, when we ask God to show Himself to us more fully just like He did for Moses, YHWH allows His goodness to pass before us, but sometimes we don’t even realise it because it’s not the fanfare we want!

You may be thinking, when did I see God’s goodness pass before me?  Think back to the last time you were in a really bad place and someone unexpectedly did something or said something to help or encourage you, that was God.  In chapter 13 of the Gospel of Matthew, we see the sheep being separated from the goats to signify the righteous and the unrighteous respectively, we can clearly see the attributes that characterised the sheep was one of humanity to those in need (which Yahushua refers to as Himself).  Those who showed the love and light of God by their actions to those in need, have witnessed the light, love and grace of God first hand knowingly or not.

We might think to ourselves that surely, not everyone who helps us in difficult times are Believers, and we would of course be right, but if we think of the randomness of these acts of kindness, coupled with the love and sincerity that is clearly shown by these people we can clearly see that is the Spirit of Elohim at work in comparison to the hand of Satan.  These people have developed the godly traits of love and empathy, why?  Because they have been there themselves, they know what it feels like to be in the valley of the shadow of death and God uses the desire they have to help those who are where they once where to experience the hand of God in their lives.  God has so many ways of showing us His face, declaring His name and goodness to us, it is these revelations in our day to day struggles which enables us to get through the bitterest of storms and the darkest of nights.

It is also very interesting to note, all through YHWH’s dialogue with Moses, He repeatedly said, “I know you by name”.  To me this signifies, that God had a relationship with Moses, where Moses could commune on a one-to-one level with Him.  Although God could clearly see who Moses was, Moses could not see who Elohim was.  So when God told Moses that He would proclaim His name to him, what he was actually saying is this:

I’m going to let you know me more intimately so that you will be able to see characteristics of me which you have not previously seen.  As I know you by your name, from now on you will also know me by my name. 

And so, God proclaimed His name to Moses and in doing so Moses began to understand the characteristics and nature of Elohim, he began to develop a more full relationship with the most high because he could now see the face of God.


Meditation: how has Elohim showed His goodness to you, how has He proclaimed His name to you?

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  1. says

    …and therefore, man is without excuse. You are right Florence, God’s GLORY is available all around us if we only look! “Seek and you shall find…” And as you so aptly declared it, RELATIONSHIP makes available the character of who He is in our lives. We are His Bride, and with that position the relationship must be renewed every day; as a human relationship is developed.
    THANKS as always sis,
    Mel Thompson recently posted…“I DO DECLARE!” – More than an ExpressionMy Profile

    • Florence Achama says

      Hi Mel, thanks for stopping by. That’s a nice illustration of why it’s important for us to relate and renew/build our relationship with God everyday as His bride. Thank you for another deeper insight.

      Florence Achama recently posted…God of MercyMy Profile

  2. says

    Florence It is my desire to see God daily and I know since he is ALWAYS working somewhere it is possible. I’m sure there were times in my “busyness” I missed him. My desire is for him to reveal those characteristics I may have missed all this time. God has brought encouragement to me when he new I needed it, he has called out my name many times showing me the way to walk in, he has used others to help me and pray for me, which I am ever so thankful. (you and your blogs, I am thankful for!!!)
    Eva Popek recently posted…Sound Mind and Secure SoulMy Profile


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