Eating from the Tree of Life – Words that bring healing


The Tree of Life Proverbs 15: 4

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.


Proverbs 18: 21


The Bible teaches us that our words are extremely powerful and as such we should monitor our speech.  Just like the Word of God is creative and is seed, as the only part of creation who are made in His Divine image our words do the same.  Our words are both seed and fruit.


The parable of the Sower clearly testifies to God’s Word as seed, when planted in the right conditions and correctly maintained the seed grows into a tree that bears godly fruit.  Genesis tells us that all fruit contains the seed within itself; this means that godly fruit also contains seed within itself.  The seed enables the tree to produce its own offspring and for the cycle of sowing and reaping godly fruit to continue. 


Now, in the Garden there were two trees, the Tree of Life which is God’s Word, the Word of Life.  There was also the tree of Death, this tree has its own seed which is the word of the deceiver.  This tree bears fruit that leads to chaos, death and destruction.


Which tree do we regularly eat the fruit of?  Life or death? 

Whose word do you listen to?

Which tree are you eating from?


We will only speak out and testify to that which is already planted within us, that means either words of life or words of death.  A good seed grows into a good tree that bears good fruit likewise a bad seed does the same.  If we eat from the tree of death its seed is planted within us and over time it will grow into a tree which bears fruit after its kind.  If we eat from the tree of life then life is planted and grown within us.


It is vital for us to know and recognize which fruit we are consuming because of the seed it contains.  We need to monitor our words for two reasons:


  1. Because we have the power to sow a seed of life or death into our lives and the lives of others
  2. Because our speech testifies to what is already growing and manifesting within us.


Consider Yeshua’s words that out of the mouths of babies and infants praise has been perfected, this tells me that perfect words come from a clean heart and a pure mind. There is a harvest cycle: seed and then fruit, seed then fruit, this cycle goes on and on and if the seed is ungodly then we must break this cycle of death..


Yeshua said:

But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment.  For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Matthew 12: 36-37

 We will be judged both for the seed that we consume and have accepted to be planted within us and for the fruit that we bear.  There are many people who have accepted the state of the world because of the lies of the enemy, this is manifested by the fruit of their lips.  God’s Word which is life is the only thing that can combat this work, we need to consume it daily and while we are doing so ask God to pull down the trees of death already grown within us and destroy its fruit and seed in our lives.  God made promises to us, yes there will be persecution and seasons of trials, tribulations, pain and suffering but this does not negate the power of life and restoration within God’s Word.  If we accept the Word of the enemy over God’s Word then we have in effect come into agreement with him, would we be willing to face God if He called us to account for the words we speak over ourselves and others today?  I truly doubt this.

We need radical faith, we don’t have this because we prefer eating from the tree of lies and destruction over the tree of life and restoration.  We need faith that moves mountains but the only way we get this is by properly nourishing ourselves with the Word of Life.  I was recently accused of having no sympathy or empathy for people suffering from chronic pain or illness because I said that illness was not a condition but a state of mind.  The individual assumed that I was being judgemental and condemnatory but this was not the case.  There negative experiences at the hands of others and the cruel words spoken over them have developed into defensiveness and a heightened sensitivity. In all honesty I have experienced the harsh words of others and so I am determined not to do the same.  But God’s Word has been a source of deliverance and healing for me and this is the revelation that I wanted to share, the real meaning behind my words.  Before I became ill in 2008 I viewed myself as physically well and able but my state of mind was diseased, it took becoming ill for me to realise that true healing comes from within and now I feel the difference in my heart and mind and even my body!


God wants us to walk in victory; His Word tells us that He has left us His peace and the promise of abundance of life in Him.  Although the true meaning of these words has become obscured by the brash glare of prosperity ministries and preachers, these words are true and they are words of life for everyone who accepts them and holds onto them.  I don’t like pain, I hate being ill, but my greatest joy, freedom and release comes from learning to lose myself in the Word of God and allow its healing power to penetrate through every atom and aspect of who I am.  God wants us to speak life not death into our lives, and it all starts when we say out loud that we are ready to eat from the Tree of Life.  If you are ready to eat from the Tree of Life please read the following prayer and affirmation aloud.


Prayer and affirmation

YaHoVeH, I declare that I choose life and not death and that I choose to use my tongue to sow seeds of life in myself and the lives of others.  I speak words of life now, and pull down and reject any occurrences of speech where I have planted otherwise.  Lord help me speak Your Word, help me to pull down all trees, fruit and seed in the garden of my soul that do not come from you.  I invite you to replace them with Your Word which is the Seed of Life, help me to only grow and bear fruit from Your tree.  Today I choose to start a new journey of bearing Your fruit in my words because I know that my words are a manifestation of what has been planted within me.  Help me to stay on the path that I have chosen.


In Yeshua’s name I pray.  Amen


I have recently released a video teaching on overcoming limiting beliefs, the video link is below (4 parts).  Beliefs and thoughts are internal words, so they are just as important as spoken words and perhaps even more so.  The teaching is based on what God has been revealing to me and so I hope it will be a blessing to others who want to leave behind the stronghold of negative thinking.

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  1. says

    This article gave me such a clear visual of what has been transpiring in my life. God has been dealing with me about the words that I speak over others. I tend to be critical and judgmental, mainly due to my own lack of self-confidence. By thinking about the fruit I am bearing and the type of seed growing in me, it is so clear to see that I have been allowing Satan to plant seeds of death in me and so that is what I present to the world. But by purposely nourishing myself with God’s Word, by allowing Him to plant seeds of life in me, that tree will eventually overpower all the evil done by the other.

    Thank you Florence, for sharing your wisdom and insights with the world. I learn from you constantly!

    • says

      Hi Kristina,

      it truly blesses me to know that these words can bring any type of healing or clarity. Our words are definitely something that we tend to take for granted I too am guilty in this area but when God began to speak to me about verbal and internal speech and the power it has over us it really woke me up. It is the devil’s aim to destroy us in anyway possible and he is so subtil as the Word says in Genesis 1. This is just another step in overcoming and claiming our victory in the Messiah.


  2. Pastor Sherry says

    I love how God is working with all of us! I also love the insights you’ve shared. God impressed me about my words awhile back, and I’ve been trying to watch what I say about myself as well as about and to others. Words in ancient times were known to bless or curse someone, but we’ve lost that today. Even sayings that we express, such as being “driven crazy” or “this is killing me” are self-curses. Similar to what your video said about self-limiting beliefs.

    One thing I still have a hard time with is speaking faith. I’m realizing I’ve spoken doubt and unbelief all my life, and am now trying to watch that kind of speech. I’m becoming convinced that my own words are getting in the way of God’s blessing me as He would like.

    Anyway, thanks for this post.

    • says

      Hi Pastor Sherry,

      thank you for taking time to comment and share your thoughts honestly and openly, it means a lot. We all have much to learn about living in the fullness of life that Yeshua promised us, but I think the first key is conscious awareness, which you definitely have. Once we became consciously aware of our areas of weakness then God can begin His real work of healing, restoring and transforming us.

      I totally understand what you mean about doubt and unbelief, I would add fear for me as a real hindrance. But I really don’t know what has happened but God has been healing my heart and thoughts in such a deep supernatural way. Words play a HUGE part in this especially sub vocal patterns of speech we have adopted throughout our lives. I know that curses spoken over us don’t have the power to hold in God’s eyes but we can still receive them and integrate them into ourselves without knowing what we are doing. I especially see this in young children who come from broken homes or with parents who are not happy themselves.

      I feel very strongly in your faith and relationship with God because you wouldn’t be doing what you do if you didn’t. God does want to bless you, you are absolutely right. I know it’s a bit personal, but if you feel comfortable sharing I would like to know a bit more about why you think your words are a particular issue.


  3. soulstops says

    thanks for sharing a powerful truth about the words we speak, and the words we take in…blessings to you, Achama 🙂

  4. wordprocessor says

    Achama, I NEEDED this. This was so timely. My children and I have been suffering some chronic illness. I hear God speaking to me, but I am aware that I continue to speak death, doubt and fear into the sitution. I prayed your prayer at the end and plan to watch the video. Thank you, dear friend, for your words of truth and life. You are an instrument used by God, and I am thankful.
    Blessings in Christ,

    • says

      Hello dear sister Natalie, I’m so happy to hear from you but even more happy to hear that this message has been a blessing for you. I am thinking of you and your little ones and praying for you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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