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Amy Layne Litzelman This Beloved RoadOver the last 9 months I have had the real pleasure of getting to know Author Amy Layne Litzelman author of This Beloved Road: A Journey of Revelation and Worship.  Amy is a woman with a big heart who can see past the boundaries of this world and in who lies the desire to know and serve the Lord by bringing those who are weakest to Him.  She is a great model of someone who yearns to experience the peace and rest of God in her own life as well as being a vessel to reveal and extend this healing balm to others. Amy has undertaken a number of mission trips, as previously mentioned she is the author of This Beloved Road and has contributed her writings to the On the Road to Healing publications. This blog post covers a brief interview with Amy delving into the whys and hows of her own particular healing journey and a recent podcast.

I hope that getting to know Amy through this post will be as much a blessing for you as it has been for me.

This Beloved Road by Amy Layne Litzelman

In Amy’s own words she describes her book as “a snap- shot of her pursuit to know God, to really know Him.” It is about taking faith beyond believing that God is out there, somewhere, but not really involved too much in life. It records her ever-expanding realisation that He is more powerful and magnificent than one could imagine, yet more personal than we could hope for.   It is about recognizing His voice and believing His words.

This book is not age, race, or location specific. Rather, it is for anyone with a spiritual longing. It is intended to spark desire in those who don’t yet know Jesus, but hope that He is more than just religious duty. It is also for those who have a relationship with God, but long to go deeper in hearing His voice and understanding His ways. This Beloved Road is also for the faithful for whom the journey deep into their Father’s heart has been long, and now need encouragement to persevere. This Beloved Road is meant to give a taste of the sweetness of God’s friendship and the vastness of His power.   So get ready and pack your belongings and follow Amy on a journey of revelation and worship.

Interview with Amy Layne Litzelman

1. What single moment/circumstance inspired you to write this book?
In 2003, I was leading a music ministry and really pressing in to know the friendship of my Father. These essays and songs were written from my daily, personal conversations and experiences with Him, and originally shared through a blog on our website. I was so captured by the love, wisdom, and power of my Creator that I couldn’t help but share it. It wasn’t until around 2008 that I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to compile 80 entries into a single book.

2. Why should someone read this book, what one thing would you like them to receive from reading it?
My goal is to stimulate the idea that a relationship with God is more than theology; it is a daily, growing friendship like all others – and yet so far above all others. Can we know God? Yes, more intimately than imagined. We are meant to have a friendship full of laughter and tears, questions and answers, and like any relationship it takes time and effort over many years to cultivate. I discuss numerous topics, including faith, trust, forgiveness, perseverance, peace, purpose, grace, and love – topics that I hope encourage, strengthen, and challenge readers.

3. How have you felt God’s presence during your writing journey?
I could not have written, nor compiled, This Beloved Road without the constant presence and leading of my Father. I had to learn to hear His voice and recognize his movements and ways in order to grow, myself, and second, to have something real to share.

4. Did you learn anything new/more about yourself during the writing process?
Absolutely. With each of the dozens of edits and re-writes, the Holy Spirit would take me yet deeper into the topic of each essay and how it applied to my life at that moment. Truth is timeless and as deep as the ocean. I’m still learning and growing.

5. Outside of writing, what do you do in your free time?
My husband, Matt, and I have been married for almost 23 years and we have two adult sons. I love to compose and play music, hike, garden, cook, travel, teach, float the river, and be with people. Some of my most treasured time is spent in my prayer/worship room.

Podcast with Amy Layne Litzelman

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Order a signed copy of This Beloved Road or download the e-book from Amy’s website

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  1. Pastor Sherry says

    I love how God took her deeper as she was writing!  He uses every means He can to reach us, even as we are reaching out to others.  God’s amazing love and grace!

  2. says

    Hi Pastor Sherry,

    yes God is so very truly amazing – abounding in love, mercy and grace I’m so very thankful that I belong to Him.  Amy is also a very precious lady who has been like a role-model to me, I especially love how free-spirited she is, she’s always travelling and doing things.  Extracts from her book are available on Google books, did you get a chance to listen to the podcast?

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