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Winter 2011 booklet

Winter 2011 Donations

Winter 2011 bookletThis Winter, our goal is to print 100 booklets for February 2012 and have enough left over to equally support the Iris Ministry and Whitechapel Mission/East London Churches Homeless project (more information found below).  You can support this goal in a number of ways:

  • Pray for this work and for the people who contributed to this ministry so that they can not only touch people who need support on their healing journey but to also protect us from attack from the enemy.
  • Please pass this booklet on to someone you know will be blessed by it, as by passing the booklet on you will enable us to minister God’s words of love and healing to more of His children.
  • Ask your local church to subscribe to receive a pack of 5, 10 or 20 booklets.  We ask for a small fee to cover our printing cost for this service.   Please email for more information.
  • Make a monetary donation via the website by bank transfer or cheque.
  • Invite others to view the publication online.

With your help we will also be able to support the work of two fantastic ministries.

  1. Iris Ministries – I first learnt about the Iris Ministries after visiting Amy Layne’s website where you can also find fantastic photos of her missionary work there at Iris. on visiting their website I became so overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit that I knew that I wanted to contribute in some way.  Iris Ministries was founded by a husband and wife team whose heart’s desire was and still remains to bring the gospel to the poorest and most often overlooked parts  of the world.  Find out more about this ministry by visiting  their website (
  2. Whitechapel Mission – For two consecutive winters, my husband and I have supported homeless charities.  Two years ago we gathered a small group of young people from our local church and sang Christimas carols to raise money for Crisis.  Last year we bought over 200 hats, gloves and socks and distributed them to homeless charities and rough sleepers in London.  This year we would like to support Whitechapel Mission, to allow even more rough sleepers to have a warm place to sleep and some hot and nourishing food this winter.  Visit their website ( for more information.