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One giant step… free christian health booklet launched

Marking the release of our free Christian health and well-being booklet

November marks the publication of the first ever release of On the Road to Healing, a free printed booklet containing poems, prayers, meditations, reflections and revelations on healing and well-being from a Christian perspective. This booklet contains works from Christian Authors Ronnie Dauber, Amy Litzelman, Jeannie Pallet and myself based on their own journey and experience in relation to health, healing and well-being.  You can pick up a free booklet from one of the following outlets… (list coming soon) or you can view an online copy (please enlarge to 1:1 for best viewing).

If these are out of stock, don’t worry, we print twice a quarter so why not ask your local church to order some in time for the next print run? Although the booklets are free we charge for postage and packaging. Please contact me for more details.