Hebrew for Healing

“HalleluYah is a heavenly language”

(line from a Nigerian Gospel song)

Halleluyah praise YAH

Some people may be wondering why I choose to use the Hebrew words, name and title of God both visually and verbally, there are two main reasons why I do so:

  1. As the above quote from a song states, Hebrew is not just any language it is the language of Heaven.  From Genesis to Revelation, Hebrew names and titles are given from Adam which means humanity to HalleluYAH in the Book of Revelation, so if God specifically chose and uses this language in the heavenly I believe it is also worth using too!
  2. Using Hebrew words, names and titles of God has brought me so much joy, freedom, peace and healing due to the hidden revelations and truths which it contains.  I use the Hebrew as a token of love to Elohim and a token of love to my fellow man because I wish to share the joy, healing and truth which I have found in the original language with you.


So, please do not be offended if I use Yeshua or Yahushua over Jesus, or do not be disturbed if I say YAH or YHWH/YHVH over Lord  I am not trying to teach you another Messiah, just sharing another side of Him.