Having fun at the Beach 2014Discover Keys to nurturing health, creating well-being and manifesting wholeness.

Hi my name is Florence, some people call me Achama and I’m on a mission to support and empower Believers with chronic illness live a full as life as possible spirit, soul and body.

I’m a psychology teacher cum visionary cum Biblical wholeness facilitator but you don’t really need to know all that. All you really need to know are 2 things about me:

  1. I understand how it feels to be a Believer living with a chronic illness.
  2. I don’t believe that you should settle for just surviving day by day.

My goal is to help Believers with chronic illness master the keys to living a fuller and healthier life no matter where they are right now.

Let me share part of my story with you. Before I fell ill in 2008, I was quite proud of my ability to do everything myself, I had a good career as a teacher, my own flat and long-term partner, falling ill changed all of that. Suddenly I was no longer superwoman soaring on top of the world but a vulnerable person who needed to understand why they were sick and how to get better again.

YHWH God was and is my answer.

Through building a relationship with God, He has given me the keys to own my health so that I can actively promote healing in all areas of my life. You can read more about my story and journey here.

I believe in the power and ability to live a life that is full, complete, joyful, purposeful and whole no matter what life throws a you.


Because this is YHWH’s promised gift to us through His Son.

I encourage, empower and equip Believers to let go of destructive emotions, limiting thoughts and dysfunctional habits which hinder healing and limit progress.

I encourage Believers to get in touch with who they are and develop a foundation of trust and belief in God that keeps them stable during times of pain, stress and strain that comes with fighting a chronic illness.

I believe that there is a hope and a future for you as a Child of God.

I stand for the Power of God’s Word and the Beauty of its Truth.

So this blog and website is for Believers struggling with chronic illness, who don’t want to settle for simply surviving but want to fight for their God given freedom in Messiah.

Who says you can’t get better, live fuller and joyfully free?

Not me and definitely not your Heavenly Father.

Amen?  So join me on the Road to Healing.