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Hi my name is Achama (Florence) and I’m on a mission to support and empower Believers with chronic illness live a full as life as possible spirit, soul and body.

There are 4 things you need to know about what I do and how I work:

  1. It’s Wholistic – this means that I’m not just interested in your physical health I’m interested in all of you. I’ve learnt the hard way that good health and as such healing starts on the inside, and if you try to jump over it by just looking for physical healing – you’ll end up back at square one.  So on this site you’ll find a mix of stuff to encourage healing of spirit, soul and body.
  2. It’s Positive – this comes from my background in psychology and counselling.  There are wayyyyy too many forums and ministries full of people who are negative and/or resigned to their fate.  I stand firm in the belief that you can be an active co-creator of your best health instead of passively reacting to your current situation.  It only breeds fear, anxiety and stress which keeps you ill for longer.
  3. It’s Progressive – there are many believers who have experienced healing quickly however for others the process is much longer.  Although people may question your faith if you fall into the second group, I have seen that the greatest healing can be done in the slower journey.  This is because healing can be deeper because it is allowed to progress upwards instead of sideways.
  4. It’s Personal – we are all unique with our individual experiences, gifts, habits and ways of viewing the world.  By recognising our uniqueness we can understand that a one-size fits all philosophy won’t work that’s why as well as offering resources I also offer the opportunity to work with me as your therapeutic wholeness coach.  You can apply for a complimentary session with me here.

I want you to know that I understand how it feels to be a Believer living with a chronic illness – I won’t simply talk at you.  But, you should also know that I don’t believe that you should settle for just surviving day by day when God wants you to LIVE LIFE.  I want to help you get to the bottom or the root cause of what is truly holding your total wellness and fullness of life back.

My goal is to help Believers with chronic illness master the keys to living a fuller and healthier life no matter where they are now.You can read more about my story and journey here.

What Next?

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Apply for a complimentary therapeutic coaching session with me.  I encourage, empower and equip Believers to let go of destructive emotions, limiting thoughts and dysfunctional habits which hinder healing and limit progress and prevent them from experiencing that life.

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