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life more abundantly On the Road to Healing is a ministry for Believers experiencing chronic and/or stress-related illness. The Goal is simple yet profound, that you should experience life to the fullest. What does True healing look like? It's marked by a life lived well, wholly and full of vitality, well-being, joy, passion, peace and purpose. Full of SHALOM. True healing is not something that happens to us, it is something which transforms us making us better than we were and better than we dreamed we could be. True Healing is a journey of becoming, not an event. Let's begin by tackling all the dross and baggage in your life that keeps you bound, fearful, anxious and stressed, this is the key to unlocking healing from the inside out. Our Saviour said:
“I came that you might have Life”
So let’s learn to truly and deeply live life to the full, His way one step at a time.